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Role Management

Understanding Permissions

Not checking the Login permission prevents the user from accessing anything within FileFlex, regardless of the other permissions granted. It allows you to temporarily suspend a user without deleting their account.

Browse Content
Allows users to view files and folders they are given access to, but not to download, share, or manage them.

Consume Content
Allows users to download the files and folders they are given access to. Selecting this option will automatically check the Browse Content permission if it is unchecked.

Manage Content Sources
Allows users to create their own content sources, such as adding their own PC.

Manage Account
User is granted access to account management features, such as resetting their password and unregistering their account.

Manage Contacts
Allows users to manage their contacts i.e. add and remove new contacts, and organize contacts into groups.

Manage Shares
Allows users to share the content they are given access to. If they do not have the Manage Contacts permission, they can only share with people in the company.

File Management
Allows users to manage the content they are given access to e.g. copying files between sources, uploading new files, and organizing files into different folders.

Gives the user the ability to manage companies, their users, departments, roles, and content sources.