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Getting Started

Open FileFlex and Login

Users are then required to open the FileFlex client and login using the credentials supplied in the autogenerated email.

2.1 Login Credentials

They will be asked to enter their username, assigned password and their company name.

  • Username: This is their email address
  • Password: This was generated when you created them as a user.
  • Company: This is your company - the company that installed the FileFlex server and purchased the user keys - not their company. They will be supplied the company name in the autogenerated email. The company name is necessary to point FileFlex to your FileFlex server.

After their first login, the will be sent an auto-generated email asking them to confirm their email address.

2.2 User Password Reset

If you force a password reset, they will asked to supply a new password after their first login.

2.3 Forgotten Passwords

If a user has forgotten their password, you can either generate a new password for them and optionally force a password reset where they supply their own new password. To generate a new password:

  1. Open the Company Management tab.
  2. In the Department Navigation pane, select All Users.
  3. In the Viewing Pane, navigate to the user who forgot their password.
  4. Click the name of the user.
  5. Managing Forgotten Passwords

  6. In the User Info dialog, click the top right menu (3 dots) then select Edit. Alternatively, you can select the check box of the user to edit, then select the Edit User icon in the Viewing Pane Activity Bar.
  7. Select Menu, then Edit

  8. Select the Auto generate checkbox. Optionally you can also check the Require user to reset password on login option.
  9. Click OK.
  10. The user will be sent an auto-generated email with their new password and complete login credentials.
  11. Generating a New Password