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Using Photo Sync

Managing Photo Sync

  1. To modify or delete any existing Photo Sync devices you’ve set up, click on the menu (3 horizontal lines) in the top right of the Global Application Bar and select Photo Sync.
    Note: you can only modify the Photo Sync settings for the device you are currently using. However, you can remove Photo Sync from any device at any time.
  2. Click Photo Sync

  3. A list of devices you’ve connected to Photo Sync will appear.

  4. To get rid of Photo Sync from a device, click the Delete icon. A confirmation screen will appear, press Remove to remove Photo Sync from the device.
  5. Click the Modify icon to change the options for Photo Sync. You can check the boxes next to the options to synchronize your videos as well as your photos, use cellular data alongside WiFi, or to re-synchronize all your media. You can also change where your photos are synced to by clicking Change Sync Destination and navigating to the new location.

  6. When you are finished making your changes, click Save.