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Intel SGX

What is Intel® SGX Technology?
Intel SGX Technology provides hardened crypto functionality using Intel Software Guard Extensions (or IntelSGX) at the silicon level, ensuring that the encryption keys remain protected both at rest and in use.

How is the security of FileFlex™ enhanced with Intel SGX Technology?
The Intel SGX Technology integration into FileFlex, ensures that even if your system is compromised, malware will not be able to access the encryption keys used to secure the data.

How do I get Intel SGX Technology protection?
You need to be using a computing device that has an 7th or 8th generation Intel® processor with SGX extensions such as processors with Intel vPro® technology.

How do I know if FileFlex is using Intel SGX Technology’s protection?
If FileFlex has detected and is using Intel SGX Technology on your system, an Intel SGX message is displayed with a green check mark in the FileFlex Global Application Bar. If Intel SGX Technology is not detected on your system, then no message is displayed in the application bar.