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Connecting To Your Content

How to Connect to SAN, DAS, Private Clouds, Generic NAS and other LAN Attached Storage devices

Once you have connected to a server, you can remotely access any of the devices (that your permissions allow) that are on the same network as that server. All SAN, DAS, Private Cloud and generic NAS storage devices that are attached to that network are accessible through the server.

Step 1: Install FileFlex on a server on the network.


  1. How to Connect to a Server
  2. How to Connect to a Synology NAS
  3. How to Connect to a QNAP NAS or

Step 2.

  1. Launch FileFlex on your device and open the server repository.
  2. Open either a Server or NAS repository

  3. Click the Network icon.
  4. Click Network

  5. Navigate to the storage device that is attached to the network, enter your credentials (if required) and then navigate to the folder that you regularly use. Add folders like this that have a deep file path to your Favorites for easy future access.
  6. Navigate to any folder or file on any device attached to the network.
    Add folders that have a deep file path to your Favorites