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Content Management

How to Add a Server

Step 1: Install the FileFlex Connector on the Server

Note: Administrative credentials are used to set up storage repositories and the user’s credentials are then used to access to the storage. Each user that is permitted to access this storage will need to have their own credentials and permissions in place.

From the server that you wish to add, compete the following:

  1. From the server, go to Scroll down the page to Server Connectors and download the connector that correlates to the OS of your server.
  2. Run the installer you just downloaded on the server. This installs the FileFlex Connector agent on your server. Follow the on-screen instructions of the installation wizard. (The Windows server connector will ask you whether you are installing on a PC or a Server. Make sure that the button for Server is checked).

Step 2: Link FileFlex Enterprise to the Server.

  1. Next you must link your FileFlex account to your server. From your FileFlex Administrator console and connected to the server, select the menu icon in the Global Application bar. In the dropdown, select Add Content Source.
  2. Add Content Source

  3. Select the company you would like to add the server to.
  4. Select Company

  5. Select the Server icon and run the setup wizard.
    • In the setup wizard, you will have the option to edit the following device settings:

      - Network settings
      - Proxy settings to access the Internet
      - Anti-virus settings

      To edit these or to define which antivirus software on the host machine will be used to scan files uploaded to it, please refer to the section Device Settings.
      Note: The antivirus software must already be installed and running with a valid license on the host machine.
  6. A dialog box will now appear with an Activation Code. This code must be entered into the FileFlex Connector on the server outlined in the following steps. For security reasons, the code is time limited and will time-out if not used shortly. If the code does time-out, you will need to start again at Step 2.
  7. Copy the Activation Code

  8. From an internet browser on the server, enter the IP of your server and open port 4008 ie: http://[server IP]:[4008] example:
  9. The activation page will now appear that will link the server to the remote users’ FileFlex account. Enter the following credentials plus the activation code from Step 4, then click Activate.

    Username - This is your administrative username for the server.

    Password - This is the administrator password.

    Domain (Optional if not part of a domain) - If the server is on a company or corporate domain, enter the domain that the server belongs to.
  10. Activation Code - This is the code that was generated in Step 4. Enter that code here.
  11. Enter Administrative Credentials and Activation Code

You have connected FileFlex Enterprise to the server. You can assign users to that server. see Assigning Specific Content Sources To a User.

Note: Although administrative credentials are used to set up server, the user’s credentials are used to access to the storage. Each user that is permitted to access this storage will need to have their own credentials and permissions in place.