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Company Management

Global Administrator

The Global Administrator has control over all the companies, the departments and roles within all those companies, and the users of those companies.

  • The Global Administrator can create a company. They may create as many companies as they require.
  • Once they have created a company, they will want to add content sources.
  • Next, a global administrator can add departments to their companies, and manage roles for each department.
  • Finally, users can be added and grouped into departments that were created.

    (For more details on company onboarding, please refer to the appropriate sections of this Help document).

Often times, a global administrator will need to assign an administrator for a company that they created. This company administrator (i.e. the local administrator) will manage and be accountable for just that company, and will not have access to any other companies.

To assign an administrator for a company:

  • The global administrator will have to create a new department. In the company management tab, select the Add New Department sign.
  • Select Add New Department

  • Type the name of this new department. We’ll name it Administrative.
  • Enter a Department Name

  • Next, select the radio button next to Company Administrator role. This role is already pre-defined (it gets defined every time a new company is created). Selecting this option will ensure that whichever user(s) is assigned to the Administrative department will have the permissions and privileges of a Company Administrator.
  • Assign Company Administrator role

  • Click OK.

The Administrative department has now been created.

Administrative department created

The role of a Company Administrator has all the permissions that are checked in the below picture.

Permissions of Company Administrator role

Now that we have our Administrative department created, we need to assign a user to that department. This user will become that company’s administrator (local administrator), and the user’s FileFlex account (email address) will be the local administrative account of that company.

To assign a company administrator, the Global Administrator can either assign an existing user or they may create a new user.

To add a new user:

  • Navigate to the Administrative department from the navigation Panel.

  • Click the Add New User sign and create the new user.
  • Click Add New User

To assign an existing user as a company administrator:

  • Navigate to All Users department, and select the box next to that user.
  • Select your company administrator for the company Qnext

  • Click the Edit User sign.
  • Click Edit User

  • From the dialog box, click the Assign button under Department.
  • Click Assign under Department

  • Select the Administrative department checkbox (you may want to uncheck a previously selected checkbox).
  • Select Administrative Department

  • Hit OK.
  • Hit OK

  • Click OK again.
  • Hit OK

We (as the Global Administrator) have now assigned a user from a company as the administrator of that company. In our example, Qnext is the company and Dhanish Kakkar is the company administrator.

The Company Administrator role has full administrative privileges for a company. However, if there is a need to create another restricted Administrative role, you may do so by following the steps below.

  • Click the Manage Role sign.
  • Click Manage Role

  • Clicking this will open a dialog box with a list of all Roles (pre-defined and custom created). To create a new restricted Administrative role, click Create new role.
  • Click Create new role

  • In the dialog box that shows up, give your new role a name. We will name it Restricted Administrator.
  • Give the role a name

  • Next, we need to assign permissions from the available list to our Restricted Administrator role.

    Let’s say we want our Restricted Administrator role to have exactly the same permissions as the full Company Administrator role, except we do not want it to be able to access Company Activities. In that case, we will simply check all the boxes, except Access Company Activities checkbox, that have also been checked for Company Administrator role.
  • Permissions for Restricted Administrator

  • When finished assigning the permissions, click OK.
  • The Restricted Administrator role has now been added. When an appropriate restrictive department is created, you can assign the Restricted Administrator role to that department. All the users who will be added to that department will have restricted company administrator privileges rather than full company administrator privileges.

If you wish to change to a different company and manage it, simply select that company from the dropdown menu on the Application Activity Bar.

NOTE: When a global administrator assigns a user as the company administrator (like we did above), that user cannot use his/her company administrator’s account as a regular FileFlex account. That is, they will not be able to access content, share content or perform any file management etc. with their company administrative account. That company administrative account will be used for managing the company rather than using FileFlex as a regular user.