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Working in the Shares Tab

Enabling/Disabling Downloads

  1. In the Shares tab, select your name from the list on the left (it will be the name with (me) beside it) to display a list of the content you have shared with others. Alternatively, you can navigate to where the file you are sharing is stored from the My Content tab.

  2. To update permissions, next to the file you would like to update click on the Sharing icon.

  3. In the window that pops up, you can then check or uncheck the boxes next to the file to give users permission to preview and/or download the file, or uncheck both boxes to stop sharing the file with that person. Click Share to update the privileges.

  4. Note that you can manage privileges on a contact-by-contact basis: you can give some contacts permission to download the file while allowing others only to view or stream it.