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Role Management

Create a Role

  1. Select the Content Management tab, then choose a company from the Company dialog box dropdown in the right side Navigation Pane.
  2. In the right side Navigation Pane, select the Manage Role icon.
  3. To create a new role and associated permission set, select Create a new role at the bottom of the list of roles in the Manage Roles dialog box.
  4. Creating a New Role

  5. In the Role Name field, give the role a name.
  6. Select the permissions you would like to give this new role.

    You can hover your mouse over the options for a more detailed explanation of the permissions they grant or see Understanding Permissions.

    Note that the Login permission should always be checked, unless you would like to temporarily suspend a user without deleting their account. Not checking the Login permission prevents the user from accessing anything within FileFlex, regardless of the other permissions granted.
  7. Click OK when you’re finished editing to return to department creation.
  8. Assigning Permissions To a Role