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Getting Started

Company Onboarding

Setting up FileFlex Enterprise is a 4-step process:

Step 1: Add a Company

Step 2: Add Content Sources
Step 2.1: Adding a Content Source
Step 2.2: Limiting Content Sources to Specific Folders and Drives
Step 2.3: Adding Networked Storage Devices
Step 2.4: Adding User Specific Content Sources
Step 2.4.1: Adding a PC
Step 2.4.2: Adding a Public Cloud

Step 3: Add Departments
Step 3.1: Creating Departments
Step 3.2: Managing Roles
Step 3.3: Assigning Content Repositories

Step 4: Add Users
Step 4.1: Adding Individual Users
Step 4.2: Importing Users
Step 4.3: Grouping Users into Departments
Step 4.4: Adjusting Permissions and Content Sources On a User-By- User Basis
Step 4.5: Adding User Contacts